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Poles in Finland

Finland generally and Lapland especially are a source of exotizm for Poles and more and more Poles are traveling are coming here.
Mostly for Poles Lapland is a country of winter and snow and – of course Santa Claus. Summer in Lapland is less known and there is a lot to do in the marketing. Anyhow we are able to offer for Poles what they are interested in both in winter and summer. First of all, Poles are very active. They want to see everything and try everything. That 's why in winter reindeer-, husky and snowmobile safaris are just tailormade for Poles.

For Poles Santa Claus comes from Lapland. So you cannot imagine a Pole coming to Rovaniemi and not visiting Santa in his cottage!
About even 8 % of Poles according to the opinion polls tell that they like fishing. Of course many of them they just sit down at the Polish rivers, but there also are many which are traveling around the world. So, Lapland should be a paradise for Polish fisherman. Lapland is offering many possibilities for fishing not forgeting the everyman's rights to simple fishing without permission almost everywhere. Often Polish families are traveling by car and looking for private accommodation. That is offered by Finnish farms, where normally can be found as well a rowing boat.
Even if some Poles say sauna is not healthy for them because of the heart, after discussion often the heart problem is forgotten. Sauna during whole year is an attraction for Poles.

Finns in Poland

Many Finns do not know Poland or if they know something there you still can find the echoes from ”komuna” times from 1970-ties when many Finnis traveled to ”grey” Poland to drink cheap alcohol.

After visiting Poland of today Finns do change completely their opinions. What Poland can offer for a tourist from Finland is unbelievable. The history of 1000 years, architecture, culture with all kinds of events, architecture, nature of Bialowieza forests, seaside and mountains, Polish kitchen and beer, not forgetting the wonderfull, warm and talkative people and the most beautifull ladies in the world as Marshall of Finland G. Mannerheim has said. He was the one who really knew since he was spending seven years in Poland saying that those years were the best in his life!

Fact finding -trips for business people and other professional trips also should be organised since in Poland still are good opportunities for business and in other fields you can learn a lot. Doors normally are opening for guests in Poland and especially for Finns because Finns are highly estimated nation in Poland. If a Pole knows something about Finland very often there are two things: Winter War and Mannerheim, comparable to the Polish Marshall and heroe Józef Pilsudski.