Finnish enterprises in Poland

Since Poland became a member of the European Union, the value of Finnish investments in Poland has increased several times. The estimated value reaches 2 billion euros. Currently, there are 200 active Finnish companies on the Polish market. They employ nearly 30,000 people. The main sectors in which Finnish businesses operates in Poland are clean technologies, production, chemical industry, forestry, constructions, telecommunication and outsourcing. The biggest companies operating in Poland are Fortum (energy), Fiskars (tools), Nokia (telecommunications), Nordea (finances), UPM Raflatac (labels), Cargotec (machinery), Stora Enso (papermaking industry) and Patria (gun industries).

Polish investments in Finland are, for now, small and do not reflect the economic potential of our investors. In a small group of Polish companies operating in Finland, among others, are: Amica Wronki, Elektrobudowa and Scanpol Construction. Recent inquiries concerning the activity on the Finnish market by Polish entrepreneurs concerned the construction industry.

According to data from the Finnish Customs Office (Tulli) for 2016, the trade between Finland and Poland has been steadily increasing in recent years. In 2012 the turnover amounted to about 2.5 billion euros, and in 2016 almost 3 billion euros.

In 2016 the value of Finnish imports from Poland amounted to almost 1.6 billion euros. This was an increase of 13% compared to the previous year, which in turn accounted for less than 3% of Finnish imports and placed Poland in tenth place on the list of Finland's key trade partners.

The Finns have been mainly stocking up apparatus, electrical devices and machinery, metal products, metal ores and scrap, raw and furskins, medical and pharmaceutical products, and specialized equipment for the industry.

The value of Finnish exports to Poland in 2016 amounted to around 1.4 billion euros and represents 2.7% of all Finnish exports. Similar numbers were recorded for 2015. This made Poland 12th among Finland's key trading partners.

Finns have mainly been selling paper, cardboard, industrial equipment, iron and steel, apparatus, electrical devices and machines.

In this year's European Innovation Scoreboard for the 36 European countries formulated by the European Commission, Finland was fourth on the list of innovation leaders, just behind Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark. Poland as a "moderate innovator" ranked in the bottom of the ranking.