For received financial support association guarantees advertisement with the logo of each of the companies on the official website and facebook page. In addition, information will be transmitted to the official presentations and contacts with potential business partners in Finland. Name of the sponsor will be presented to the Polish Embassy in Helsinki and the Embassy of Finland in Warsaw.

    That is a great step for your company to make a cooperation with Finnish-Polish business!

    What we offer for our sponsors:

    • info about the sponsor at our official website (logo, contact info)
    • your logo in all official international presentations
    • your contacts provided to finnish business partners interested in international cooperation
    • info about sponsors provided to Embassies and their economic and development departments
    • help to search for potential business partners in Poland and Finland
    Account number: Danske Bank FI67 8000 13793 87864

    Feel free to contact us if any questions.
    Thank you for your support!