Finnish-Polish friendship association activities begun in Finland in the year 1928 in Helsinki. Many wellknown persons from cultural and political life were among the establishers.

Already between the wars association organised many cultural events e.g. in the year 1934 because of the 100th anniversary of Pan Tadeusz, the epopee of Poland by Adam Mickiewicz.

Also before the II World War there were organized various scholarships for students according to the Finnish-Polish culture agreement.

Because of the war the activities continued only until the year 1947. Fryderyk Chopin was remembered in the years 1949 and 1960.
During the years several local associations were established, including the association in Rovaniemi in the year (?)

There was a need of establishing formal cooperation between the local associations. In the year 1977 was established the Union of Finnish – Polish Associations (Suomi-Puola Yhdistysten Liitto-SPYL).

SPYL has been taking care of the contacts especially towards th Finnish Ministry of Education which has annually supported the SPYL.

SPYL is taking care e.g. of the Polish FilmWeek in Finland (since?) and of the student exchange programme for Polish students in finland as well as choosing the Finnish students to Warsaw.